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Parent Hacks: Your Kids And Glasses

Follow The Advice From Experts

Finding out your child needs to wear glasses can be upsetting and overwhelming -- even if you suspected an eye issue. Moms and dads who have been through it recommend finding a pediatric ophthalmologist you and your child are both comfortable with (since you'll seeing her regularly), as well as connecting with other parents online or in your community to share tips and experiences.


The American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) says that the most common reasons a child needs to wear glasses are:

  • To improve vision and help the child to function better in his environment
  • To help straighten eyes that are crossed or misaligned, which is a condition called strabismus
  • To help strengthen a weak or "lazy" eye
  • To protect one eye if the child has poor vision in the other
  • The AAPOS says it's important to remember that during early childhood your little one's visual system is growing and developing, and glasses can help ensure normal vision development.


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