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Vision Problems Can Affect School Behavior

Find Out If Your Kid Needs Help

Some children’s behavioral problems in school can be attributed to undiagnosed vision issues. Vision and learning are linked so strongly that if a child has an unknown visual obstacle, it can produce conduct such as:

  • Inattentiveness – Short attention span, not paying attention in class
  • Hyperactivity – Does not sit still, constantly moving and fidgeting
  • Talks and interrupts during class
  • Refuses to read or do homework
  • Does not take directions well
  • Does not work well alone
  • Cannot play or study quietly
  • Easily frustrated or angered
  • Does not perform up to potential, lack of motivation
  • Difficulty organizing and prioritizing work and time
  • Forgets homework assignments, loses them or lies about doing them
  • One in every four children has a visual problem that affects his learning. Some of the more widespread, common vision problems that can result in behavioral issues are:
  • Near- and far-sightedness
  • Dyslexia – Letter/word reversals, a misdiagnosis which is actually visual spatial disorder
  • Astigmatism – Blurs and distorts words
  • Strabismus – Crossed or misaligned eyes give conflicting images
  • Amblyopia or lazy eye – One eye does most of the work
  • Convergence insufficiency – Difficulty focusing the eyes inward to read
  • Deficiencies with eye teamwork, tracking, and visual perception
  • When a child with one or more of these visual difficulties is reading or doing close work, they can experience such symptoms as:
  • Headaches
  • Eyestrain and fatigue
  • Itchy, watery or burning eyes
  • Double vision; words that are blurry or move around
  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Dizziness or motion sickness
  • Poor concentration, memory, comprehension
  • It is no wonder children with these vision problems avoid the discomfort of trying to read, write or do homework. Understandably, the disappointment of failure can produce questionable behavior.


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