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Can Obesity be a Factor in Poor Vision Health?

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In recent years, obesity has been a huge problem for many developed nations. As the years go by, obesity rates seem to keep climbing, as well as the amount of certain diseases, such as heart disease. While it is clear there are obesity issues in many parts of the world, did you know that being obese can also negatively affect your vision?


By carrying extra weight, you can put too much pressure on the blood vessels located in your eyes. Since these vessels are really delicate, they can be damaged very easily, causing poor vision. The higher your BMI (body mass index) is, the more likely you are to develop some of the eye diseases associated with obesity.

Cataracts, in particular, are related to your nutrition and your environment. Since those who are obese do not get good nutrition, their eyes suffer. There are several vitamins that are really important to ocular health, such as Vitamin A and Omega-3s. Those who do not stay at a healthy weight are probably lacking these nutrients anyway, so their risk of eye problems is even higher.

The link between obesity and eye disease needs to be more thoroughly examined, so no one can say for sure that obese people are more likely to go blind. However, in a study conducted in Israel, researchers noticed a clear link between the level of obesity and the level of eye disease in patients. The eye diseases examined were those that often lead to blindness. So, one can conclude that it is likely obesity leads to blindness – or extremely poor vision – in many individuals.

Another risk to the vision of those who are obese is that eye diseases seem to progress more quickly in those who are overweight. Since being obese speeds up the process of losing one’s eyesight, this is a powerful motivator for losing weight.

Source: rebuildyourvision

Pediatric Eye Clinic's goal is to provide our patients with personalized eye health care and education. Our office is equipped with advanced technology allowing us to give you a better understanding and diagnosis of ocular findings. Dr. Gomez is a pediatric optometrist specialized in Wave Design Contact Lenses and Orthokeratology. Orthokeratology or Ortho-k is a non-surgical refractive therapy that helps slow down myopia progression allowing patients to live a life free of glasses or contacts.

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Houston Eye Conditions Therapy

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