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Fall Allergies or Dry Eye Disease?

Houston Dry Eye Treatment

Below is a look at the common causes of dry eye disease versus the causes of ocular allergies:


Causes of Dry Eye Disease

  • Age
  • Menopause, hormones
  • Medications (antihistamines, decongestants)
  • Lasik surgery

Causes of Ocular Allergies

  • Trees, grass, pollen
  • Dander
  • Pet hair
  • Mold

Much like dry eye disease, the key symptoms of ocular allergies include: itching, tearing and dryness. However, keep in mind that itchy eyes are the most common characteristic of seasonal allergies. In order to determine whether you’re dealing with allergies or dry eye disease, also consider these essential questions: do you have a family history of allergies? What seems to trigger your symptoms and how long do they typically last? Making the distinction between ocular allergy and dry eye disease is important. If ocular allergy is diagnosed, there are some precautions you can take in order to lessen these maddening, dry eye-like symptoms. Take note!:

Watch the weather: be forewarned that windy days can be irritating because pollen often becomes airborne.

Ditch the contact lenses: As you might already know, contact lenses can make irritated eyes even more uncomfortable. This is particularly true for allergy sufferers.

Check the time: Close that window at night. Stay indoors between 4 and 7 a.m., pollen shedding is at its peak during these hours.

Swap your pillows: Wash your pillow cases often. Allergen resistant pillows can be a great help also.

Avoid allergens: brush your hair and wash your face and hands when coming indoors.

If you abide by the aforementioned rules and symptoms persist, consider that you could be suffering from mild to severe dry eye disease.

Source: allaboutdryeye

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Houston Dry Eye Treatment

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