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All About Corneal Molding

Houston Non Surgical Corneal Molding Doctor

It is a specialty program designed to reduce or eliminate myopia (near-sightedness) and astigmatism (irregular eye surface). This procedure utilizes a highly customized contact lens (corneal mold) to gently and safely change the surface of the eye while you sleep in order to naturally improve vision.


How long does Corneal Molding take?
It depends on the severity of the problem - smaller prescriptions tend to respond faster.
Some people are able to see 20/20 after wearing the corneal molds for only one hour!
For most people the best vision will occur after 2-6 weeks.

What are the benefits of Corneal Molding?
Better vision without help from glasses or contact lenses within days to weeks;
Free of risks associated with laser surgery (see next section);
Occupational vision demands may be met for careers such as pilots, policemen, firemen or any job that requires better visual acuity;
Helps prevent progression of near-sightedness in children
Provides excellent vision for athletes (baseball, basketball, football, etc).

How does Corneal Molding compare with Laser vision surgery?
Ortho-K is not a surgical procedure. Since there is no cutting or burning of tissue, there is no possibility of scarring to the cornea (outer surface of the eye). Scar tissue with resulting decreased night vision is a possible side effect of laser surgery;
Ortho-K is reversible which means a maintenance regimen is needed to maintain the new shape of the cornea;
Ortho-K costs less than laser surgery by about half;
There is no post-operative discomfort as can be the case with surgery.

What about using Corneal Molding with children?

Unlike laser vision surgery, corneal molding (also called accelerated orthokeratology) can be used with children. Surgery is not performed until at least age 21. The corneal molds can be used with children as young as age 10. By stopping and reversing the progression of nearsightedness at an early age we are able to improve lifestyles. Glasses can be quite cumbersome for an active youngster. They can break and the lenses are scratched. Soft contact lenses do little to stop the progression of myopia and with children they are often not cleaned and disinfected properly. Ortho-K can be a tremendous benefit for these kids and others involved in various sports.

Source: agape1

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Houston Non Surgical Corneal Molding Doctor

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