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Poor Self-esteem And Your child's Vision

5 Tips for Positive Self-Esteem

All children have an innate desire to fit in with everyone around them. While parents can see and appreciate their child’s uniqueness and individualism, children may not have positive self-esteem if they appear different from their peers.


If your child is one who needs to wear glasses and is demonstrating poor self-esteem because of it, there are five things you can do as a parent to help.

1. Make it Fun: If you had a difficult time getting your child to the eye doctor and making him sit for the exam, imagine how hard it will be for him to keep something on his face that he despises. Set aside a day where you and your child can go shopping for frames.

2. Show Pictures: Prepare a slideshow or look through magazines and books to show your child that he is not alone. If your child is older and has a favorite band, musician, actor or athlete, try to find photos of these individuals wearing their glasses. This can help your child to feel that wearing glasses can be cool.

3. Teach Proper Care: Teach your child how to properly care for his glasses. Unless you want to find him outside trying to fry eggs on the sidewalk with his lenses, show him what to do, then give him the materials and let him try it himself. Your child will gain a sense of responsibility and pride, which will make him feel more like an adult.

4. Celebrate Unique Talents: As a parent, you must take it upon yourself to show your child that he is special and that his talents and personality are what shine through. If your child is bright academically, he should be encouraged for his hard work.

5. Show Love: Assure your child that he is loved no matter what he looks like. Let him know that he is not the only one who feels this way. Spend one day a week where you take him to a place of his choosing, whether it be the mall, a park, or out to eat.

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