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Latest Technology In Ortho-K

Only At Pediatric Eye Clinic

How does it work?

Your vision is corrected with a custom designed Ortho-K lens that is similar to a contact lens. When placed on your  eye, the special Ortho-K lens floats on your tear-film, gently reshaping your cornea (the front surface of your eye while you sleep.


The result is the correction of your distance vision. When you wake up, you simply remove the  lens and go about your day-to-day activities with perfect vision without the aid of contact lenses or glasses.

Your vision remains clear all day without the need for further correction – and in some cases, patients may achieve  clear sight that lasts a couple of days.
• Ortho-K is a great alternative to wearing glasses – with no fogging, it's better for active lifestyles, and gives the
• wearer the opportunity to wear fashion and wrap sunglasses without having to worry about issues concerning
• lens distortion.
• Better Comfort - Because you wear the lens while you sleep, patients don't suffer the irritation and dryness that
• is common with some types of daytime contact lenses.
• More Freedom - Having no lens on during the day allows the patient to participate in those activities that are limited
• by a normal contact lens.
• No Surgery - For those who are uncomfortable with undergoing a surgical treatment, Ortho-K is a viable alternative.
• It is more cost effective, non surgical and reversible.
• No Eye Exercises Required – Ortho-K doesn’t require daily eye exercises to improve your sight. All you need to do
• is wear the lenses while you sleep.

Source: zoomoptics

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