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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Eye Exams

5 Important Facts

Eye care and eye examinations are extremely important. Just like visiting the dentist, taking care of your vision is an important to staying healthy.


1.) Your Eyesight Is Examined and a Diagnosis Is Made
When you attend a routine eye examination, your vision will be assessed thoroughly. Once that is done, the optometrist will make recommendations on how to improve your eyesight. This is the number one benefit, because the sooner you know something is wrong, the better it is, as you will have time to determine your options on how to effectively tackle your eye problem.

2.) Diseases Related to Eyes Can Be Detected
As with any other body parts, eyes have their own type of diseases, such as glaucoma,cataracts, and many more. A disease such as glaucoma does not always show its symptoms until it begins to cause serious damage to your eyes. By attending a routine eye examination, the optometrist can detect any issues that your eyes might have.

3.) Other Eye Diseases Can Cause Your Eyes to Turn Blind
If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, you need to go for a routine eye check-up to ensure your retina is not severely damaged due to those diseases. Keep in mind that your vision can get worse if you do not get it checked regularly, as these diseases can cause damage to your retina.

4.) Routine Eye Check-ups Can Correct Children’s Eyesight
Early identification of any eye issues in children can be corrected at a young age. This will greatly aid the children’s performance in school.

5.) Eye Exams Can Reduce the Cost of Eyewear
Eyewear can be pricey. Thus, with routine eye examinations, you can avoid spending a large amount of money on eyewear. Make the time for regular eye examinations by an experienced and qualified optometrist and you will not only save money, but prevent a lot of other possible problems with your eyes as well.

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