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Parent's attention to the eye care of their children

Pediatric Eye Clinic

The difficulty of diagnosis or the suspicion of any pathology increases when the child is younger. Parents must be very attentive to the ways their children act, especially until they are four years old. At these ages the child usually manifests redness of the eyes, a continuous blinking, they adopt a special posture with the neck similar to the torticollis, or they approach and separate a lot from the objects they manipulate. These attitudes are what can indicate to the family that the child has an ophthalmological problem and that it should be checked by a specialist.

From four years onwards, it is much easier to notice these visual defects because the child is already able to indicate if he sees objects correctly, and especially because it is from this age that he begins to go to school, when periodic check-ups are advised at the ophthalmologist. This is a crucial age, because defects such as the lazy eye heal in a very high percentage until the fourth year of life, while from now on they are much more difficult to treat. For the most part, teachers are the ones who refer their students to the specialist after six years of age, after observing learning difficulties.

Lazy eye affects 2 percent of the general population and 4 percent of children and it is more normal for anyone to have a myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism defect than to have a totally healthy eye.

Although it may seem paradoxical, computers and video games that children use from a very young age are not the cause of visual defects, as might be believed, but rather serve as good diagnostic mechanisms. Staying for a long time in front of this type of equipment only causes brain fatigue.

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Pediatric Eye Clinic.

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