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Symptoms and prevention of strabismus

Pediatric Eye Clinic

The most obvious symptom is the lack of parallelism between the eyes, although this condition also causes a loss of visual acuity with respect to the other eye (lazy eye or amblyopia); abnormal head positions; deviations; tilt and torticollis; double vision; loss of binocular vision, and errors in the calculation of distances and in the perception of reliefs.

Strabismus is a disease that, as such, cannot be prevented since it is caused by a lack of communication between the brain and the muscles around the eye, which causes eye misalignment.

It is common for children under the age of six months to occasionally have their eyes crossed as their brain is still developing, but if this occurs repeatedly, it will need to be treated immediately to prevent the disease from getting worse.

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Pediatric Eye Clinic.

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