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5 Myths About Contact Lenses

The Truth Behind The Myth

The truth about contact lenses is that they have innumerable advantages, despite the myths that have surrounded them for quite some time.


Consider the following five myths about contact lenses:

1. One of the biggest myths about contact lenses is that children should not be allowed to wear them as part of their vision correction process due to their young age. The main reason why parents are not comfortable with their children wearing contact lenses is that they assume the children are far too young and immature to be responsible enough for the care and maintenance of their contact lenses. The fact is that children take no time in getting used to wearing contact lenses. However, care must be taken to ensure that they are well trained in wearing the contacts properly to avoid hurting their eyes.

2. Out of the various contact lens myths, a very common one is the possibility of eye infection as a result of their use. Just like any other accessory that we use, lack of proper hygiene and an improper or careless cleaning routine will lead to infection. Many people do not bother educating themselves on the correct usage and care of contact lenses. The truth about contact lenses is that if you follow the instructions of the doctor or medical practitioner who prescribed the contact lenses and keep your lenses clean, the chances of eye infection and other diseases are minimal.

3. Another common myth is that contact lenses can get lost behind the eye. The truth is that the anatomy of the eye is such that it does not allow even the tiniest entity to get lost behind it. The membrane protecting the eye acts as an efficient barrier to prevent the lens from slipping behind the eye.

4. The next myth about contact lenses relates to their use during sports. The truth is that while it is recommended to not use contact lenses during water sports due to the direct interaction and contact with water, they offer a wider field of vision and enhance peripheral vision by removing all other interfering obstacles. So, they are suitable for wearing during most sports.

5. A major myth about contact lenses revolves around their cost. The truth about contact lenses is that they are very affordable and investing in them can be a good idea.

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