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What is dry eye and how it affects children

Pediatric Eye Clinic

- Dry eye: When it comes to dry eye, we refer to a pathology of the surface of the eye. This pathology is due to multiple factors, from genetic to environmental. It is important to know that dry eye is not only the result of the tear film being affected (either by an alteration in its quantity or in its quality), but also because there is a significant affectation of the surface of the eye as a consequence of a tear that fails to remain stable and optimally on said ocular surface.

Although adults with dry eye syndrome often have dry eyes, an itchy or burning sensation, blurred vision, a gritty feeling, or even sensitivity to light, these symptoms are difficult for parents to perceive and the child rarely complains. . Therefore, it is important to pay attention to whether the child has a tendency to blink very frequently, scratch his eyes or put his hand on them in situations of high wind or sun.

Despite this, it is not so frequent that the dry eye condition occurs in children, and is caused by a decrease in tear production and abnormal production of the mucosa of the tear layer.

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Pediatric Eye Clinic.

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