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Eye Exams Are For Everyone!!

Pediatric Optometrist in Houston

Even if you can see great, you should never skip out on your eye exam. Eye exams aren’t just for people with poor vision; they are a preventive measure as well. Your eye doctor is specifically trained to recognize the symptoms of potential eye diseases and problems. Here is an overview of what you can expect from your eye exam.

  • Come prepared: If you wear contacts or glasses, bring them with you to your eye appointment. Before your examination, write down a list of any allergies or health conditions you have along with any supplements and medications you use. Also, list any questions you have about your eye health so you won’t forget to ask them while at your appointment. Understand that most insurance policies typically don’t provide coverage for eye care. If you do get a diagnosis, you may be eligible for some coverage.
  • During your visit: Upon your arrival, you will be asked to fill out new patient forms prior to your examination. Next, you’ll be led to an exam room where you will meet the doctor. The type of eye exam you will receive may vary, but there are general guidelines for what you can expect during your appointment. Your doctor will inquire about your general health and if you have a family history of any eye diseases. Next, he will assess your ability to see close and far away. You will be asked to read from a chart of letters. Other facets of your vision may also be tested, like your peripheral vision and color perception.
  • The eye exam: In order to check all the different parts of your eye, your pupils will need to be dilated, which is done by administering special eye drops. Keep in mind that these drops will make your eyes very sensitive for a couple of hours, so be sure to bring sunglasses or have a friend drive you home. Additional tests may also be done depending on your current situation.

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29 Pediatric Optometrist in Houston

Pediatric Optometrist in Houston.

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