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Potential Candidates for Ortho-K

Pediatric Optometrist in Houston

The best candidates for Orthok are:

  • Children with worsening myopia
  • Patients who are unable to wear daytime contact lenses due to allergies or dry eyes
  • Patients looking for an alternative to refractive surgery (LASIK)
  • Adults and kids active in sports where glasses get in the way
  • Adults and kids that surf or swim
  • Adults with jobs that are cumbersome to wear glasses or contacts
  • Patients who simply dislike wearing glasses or daytime contacts

Not all prescriptions are possible to correct and certain eye conditions may disqualify you from being able to do ortho-k. So a consultation is necessary to determine if you are a great candidate for this technology or not.

Source: insightvisionoc

27 Pediatric Optometrist in Houston

Pediatric Optometrist in Houston.

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