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Video Games And Vision

Does Screen Time Decrease Eye Sight?

Many people believe that too much screen time can decrease eye sight and lead to vision problems, but studies indicate that this may be a myth, especially when it comes to video games. On average, non-gamers typically have normal vision.


Those that regularly play video games surprisingly had better vision in tests than those that did not play. This means that video games could potentially help those with low vision and special games could be developed to aid with vision improvement.

Multiple Vision Benefits of Video Games
Two main vision benefits are believed to come from moderate playing of action video games. One is an increased ability to read fine print. Video gamers are more likely to able to read small writing without having to use visual aids like a magnifying glass. The second benefit is an increased ability to see the differences in varying shades of gray. This is especially useful in driving in stormy or low-light conditions.

Other visual benefits of action video games are also present. For example those that play regularly are better able to track objects with the eyes and brain. The average person can typically keep track of three to four objects, but the average action gamer can track six to seven objects at a time. This potential benefit of gaming is used every day in driving situations. Drivers must be able to see and track multiple things at once: the cars in front of them, the cars behind them, children playing, pedestrians, pets, etc. An increased ability to track could lead to better and safer drivers, a vision benefit we could all use.

Source: eyedoctorguide

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