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Amazing Facts About Ortho K

Ortho K is Reversible

First off, the main point to keep in mind is that orthokeratology is reversible, regardless of whether we're talking about results or complications.


Making adjustments. Relatively simple adjustments to either the base curve of the contact lens or to the patient's wearing time can rapidly and accurately adjust the refractive outcome for an unsatisfied corneal reshaping patient. Moreover, small adjustments in the refractive outcome are possible with corneal reshaping that may not be possible with refractive surgery simply because of the inherent variability of the surgical procedure itself.

Central corneal scarring that develops post surgically can produce glare and create significant visual problems for patients. Orthokeratology is thought to only affect corneal epithelial thickness and upon discontinuation of the procedure the central corneal thickness returns to normal.

Dealing with complications. The complications experienced with orthokeratology are significantly less severe and frequent than those associated with refractive surgery. Those complications that do arise are completely reversible simply by discontinuing lens wear.

Besides not having to worry about irreversible results and complications, orthokeratology requires less from those considering undergoing the procedure.

Source: optometricmanagement


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