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The History of Ortho K

Ortho K Was Introduced in 1962

Orthokeratology has been practiced by some eye doctors for decades. OrthoK was first introduced to contact lens practitioners by the famous optometrist George Jessen in 1962.


The initial flurry into orthokeratology was hindered by poor technology and understanding of the criteria needed to successfully and predictably correct myopia.

With these changes there has been an upsurge in interest in the technique among contact lens specialists. There has also been an enormous interest in the technique among researchers and academics that has resulted in an exponential increase in the numbers published on this technique and an increased amount of funding for research from governments and industry bodies.

Increasing myopia is becoming an epidemic in some Asian countries, where up to 80% of adults have this condition. Recent findings on the ability of ortho k lens wear to slow the progression of myopia means that the lens modality could become a major technique for the control of myopia progression. As such orthokeratology is now in a position where it is ready to become a part of mainstream optometric practice.

Source: osa

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