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Common Eye Problems In Children

Take Care Of Your Children's Eyes

Two more common problems detected in young children include: (1) lazy eye and (2) strabismus or lazy eye.


When a child has lazy eye (also called amblyopia) an eye doctor will detect weaker vision in one eye versus the other. Fortunately a doctor can often easily correct this problem by having a child use an eye patch on the stronger eye, so the weaker eye has time to "catch up" or strengthen.

Strabismus or misalignment of the eyes typically results in crossed eyes. Many problems often cause strabismus. These may include poor muscle control. When young children have this problem, their eyes won't focus on the same object at the same rate. One eye may focus normally while the other may focus on another point.

Young babies often look cross-eyed until their eye muscles strengthen and they learn to focus properly. As they grow however, if this problem does not resolve itself it may be a sign your baby has strabismus. Treatment may include patching the stronger eye or wearing prescription lenses. Some affected may need surgery in extreme cases. If not treated, strabismus may lead to double or blurry vision in young children.

Remember, your child's eyesight is important for their health and well-being. Be sure you start vision exams early to help protect and preserve your child's health. If you do encounter a vision problem, don't fret. Most doctors can easily address vision problems in young children with corrective lenses or minor adjustments. If your child requires eyeglasses, fortunately these days there are many fashionable and fun eyeglasses your child can select from. The key is early detection so that if your child has amblyopia, it can be treated early and the weaker eye has a chance to improve. Before the age of 6, your child's brain can be easily influenced to receive a clear image from the weaker seeing eye. After the age of 6, it becomes more difficult to improve the vision in the weaker seeing eye.

Source: eyedoctorguide

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