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Computer Vision Syndrome

Are Your Children At Risk?

Up until now, many health care professionals have concerned themselves with caring for adults suffering from computer vision syndrome. Computer vision syndrome or CVS often results when a person spends too many hours working on a computer or straining to see while working on a computer.


Now, according to the American Optometric Association or AOA, children are at risk just as much as adults are, for computer vision syndrome and other problems associated with long-term computer use.

Too Much Exposure = Poor Vision
Many optometrists and ophthalmologists are diagnosing young children with CVS, and prescribing appropriate treatments. Why are children at risk? Recent surveys reveal that many children spend several hours each day using computers either in the classroom, at home, or while using electronic games or other devices, which place as much strain on the eye as do computers.

Sedentary children may also suffer from a host of other problems including being overweight. Many doctors express their concern over the lack of "play time" or actual time spent outdoors engaging children in challenging and fun games. Just as adults need exercise, so too do our children.

What You Can Do To Help
To help your child preserve their eyes, you must become an advocate for your child's health. That may mean talking with teachers or educational facilities to ensure that ergonomic stations are readily available for their children, and to ensure the lighting in rooms where children use computers is up to par.

Children should also use computers on a limited basis in the home. If your child is a video game junkie, and you don't have a problem with letting them play, offer your child alternatives to nonstop gaming, which could result in poor vision.

You may for example, limit the time your child spends watching television and playing games; or, you could allow them to do one or the other for a set number of minutes (hours) each day. Alternately you might consider forbidding the use of video games, computers or other electronic devices certain days of the week, so your child isn't straining their eyes every day.

Source: eyedoctorguide

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