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4 Signs You Need to See Your Optometrist

Pediatric Optometrist in Houston

One of the best ways to protect your eyes and keep them in great shape is to visit your eye doctor on a regular basis. Doing so at least once every two years can help us identify vision problems in their early stages and provide prompt and effective treatment.

If any of the below conditions applies to you however, it may best to head to Pediatric Eye Clinic for a comprehensive eye exam immediately.

1. Certain Eye Conditions Run in Your Family

Heredity is a major risk factor for many eye conditions. For example, if you have a parent, sibling or any other relative who has glaucoma, this increases your risk of developing it later on as well. Visiting your optometrist allows for early detection of underlying eye conditions and gives us a chance to prevent them from progressing.

2. You Find Yourself Squinting Often

If you notice that you’re squinting when looking at nearby or distant objects, you may have a refractive error. This may also be accompanied by headaches, nausea and eye fatigue. Without treatment, you may experience difficulties completing your daily tasks easily and accurately. We may suggest wearing prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Laser eye surgery is another effective vision correction option.

3. You Have Frequent Episodes of Visual Disturbances

Seeing floaters, spots or other visual disturbances in your field of vision may be a sign of vision-threatening conditions such as glaucoma, retinal tears and diabetic retinopathy. If you’re experiencing this issue, you should have your eyes checked as soon as possible.nbsp

4. You Haven’t Had an Eye Exam in Two or More Years

Comprehensive eye exams help safeguard your vision. Undergoing them regularly can help in the early detection and treatment of hidden eye problems. If you haven’t seen your eye doctor for the past two years, don’t delay any longer schedule an eye exam today.

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27 Pediatric Optometrist in Houston

Pediatric Optometrist in Houston.

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