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Contact Lenses for Active Kids

Wave Contact Lenses in Houston

Is your child involved in football, baseball, dance, gymnastics, etc.? Well then you are reading the right blog. Today I'll discuss how kids are leaning more towards wearing contacts on a daily basis. For a long time, it's always been kids and teenagers get glasses, contacts were looked at as a luxury. Which they still are but they are much more convenient for patients to get them prescribed.

When discussing your child wearing contacts the patient needs to know that even though contacts are great, they still need to have a pair of glasses for “back up”, especially with kids playing sports you never know if an eye infection or a scratch on the eye is going to happen.

It's great if kids want to wear contacts for sports or even in their daily life if they are active. I'm sure we have all heard the complaints of: "My glasses keep sliding off my face!", "I don't want to wear my glasses because they're so heavy!", or "My glasses are just always in the way." Contacts eliminate those complaints and encourage our children to wear their correction, so in the long run, it will help prevent headaches, eye strain, and fatigue.

We all know how being a teenager is and just like not wanting to clean our room they don't always wants to clean their lenses when wearing monthlies. Dailies make it so convenient for everyone, you open a pair of lenses, go about your day getting roughly 12-13 hours of wear time and get home take them out and toss! Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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03 Wave Contact Lenses in Houston

Wave Contact Lenses in Houston.

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