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Amazing Study About Ortho-K

Ideal For Kids

A study of 16 myopic children found that overnight wear with an orthokeratology lens in one eye for a duration of 3 months dramatically reduced myopia in the central 20-degree visual field, leaving the peripheral visual field with relative myopic defocus. The researchers noted that such changes in children are comparable to those reported among myopic adults wearing ortho-K lenses.


Previous studies have demonstrated that corneal reshaping through the use of overnight ortho-K lens wear can manipulate peripheral refractive defocus toward myopia in adults, co-author Helen A. Swarbrick, PhD, FAAO, a professor at the School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, said. Our study was conducted in children and confirmed a similar effect. This was expected but is important to establish because control of myopia progression through manipulation of peripheral defocus is really more relevant for children than adults.

The study, which was published in Optometry and Vision Science, was part of a larger study investigating the efficacy of overnight ortho-K lenses in reducing the progression of myopic refractive error in children.

Current theories suggest that the stimulus that may guide eye growth in progressive myopia is the state of defocus on the peripheral rather than central retina, Dr. Swarbrick told Primary Care Optometry News. Hyperopic peripheral defocus, which is commonly found in myopic children, is believed to encourage eye growth, whereas manipulation of peripheral defocus toward myopia may reduce this stimulus and thus stabilize eye growth and myopic development.

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