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Keratoconus: What Is It and How Does It Impact Vision?

Pedro Gomez OD

Keratoconus is an uncommon eye disease where the front of your eye, known as the cornea, begins to thin and lose it’s normally round shape.

Upon doing so, it starts to bulge out and can cause you to have blurry, distorted vision that may not be perfectly corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

Keratoconus diagnosis

Looking at the image above, the area circled in red is representative of this disease. Compared to the normal image of the cornea on the right, the image on the left has what is known as abnormal corneal budging or steepening.

Also, this disease typically develops in early adulthood and has an unpredictable rate of progression. Unfortunately, the exact cause is still unknown.

Stages of keratoconus

Mild (to moderate) stages of keratoconus are typically correctable with glasses or contact lenses. However, more severe stages often require surgery.

Unfortunately, this disease can occur in one or both of your eyes and requires careful diagnosis by an eye care professional. If you think you have keratoconus, make sure to schedule an appointment with your local eye care professional today!

Source: introwellness

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Pedro Gomez OD.

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