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Ortho-K as an alternative to Lasik

Myopia Alternatives

Both Ortho-K and Lasik are solutions to not having to wear contact lenses or glasses anymore. While Lasik can be a "quick fix" solution, many are looking to avoid it. That is because Lasik is a surgery and people are often scared to go under the knife. In addition, Lasik can be very cost prohibitive, often not covered by insurance. We have heard a lot of these issues when speaking to patients across Northeast Philadelphia who are looking to avoid wearing glasses or contacts. Contacts can become a pain to put in every day and often leave the patient with dryness or irritation as the day goes on.

Ortho-K is often half the cost of Lasik. Many times, patients who have had Lasik complain of blurry vision, dry eyes, and will even need to wear bifocals later in life. This is why we consider Ortho-K a great alternative to Lasik.

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21 Myopia Alternatives

Myopia Alternatives.

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