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Ortho-K as a form of myopia control

Myopia Alternatives

One of the major benefits of Ortho-K is the ability it has in helping myopia control. Children with myopia or glasses tend to see their prescription rise every year which also means a new pair of lenses every year. This is not healthy for the eyesight of children as studies have shown that the higher the prescription, the greater the risk of developing eye disease later in life.

By wearing the Ortho-K lenses overnight, the process of the cornea being misshapen and leading to decreased vision slows down. We are educating our Pediatric Eye Clinic parents who are learning about their child needing glasses that Ortho-K should be viewed as one does with braces - a necessary investment for the future health of your child.

The additional benefits of Ortho-K include not having to worry about your child breaking or losing their glasses. They can play sports without worry. In general, there is an initial cost to getting your child Ortho-K with a small yearly cost of maintenance. We highly encourage all parents of children with myopia to strongly consider this option.

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17 Myopia Alternatives

Myopia Alternatives.

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