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What is the Ideal Age To Wear Contact Lenses?

In Children as Young as 8 to 10 Years Old

You may be surprised to learn that many doctors regularly prescribe contacts to children as young as 8 to 10 years old. While this is a big decision for you and your daughter, her age isn't the only thing you should consider.


First, you should evaluate how mature she is. To prevent dangerous eye infections, your daughter will need to regularly clean her contact lenses and case. If she already practices good hygiene habits and is generally responsible, she's on the right path.

Next, find out why she wants to wear contact lenses. Some kids find that their glasses interfere when they participate in sports and contacts are a good solution. Then, there's the whole cool factor. As they get older, many kids, especially girls, become self conscious about how they look. They think ditching their glasses will make them fit in. If the child is very motivated to wear contacts, is mature for her age, and is comfortable with touching her eyes, she may be a successful contact lens wearer at a young age. If the mom or dad has been wearing contacts for a long time then the success rate is higher when a parent assists the child with putting in and taking the contacts out.

Whatever her reason, if your 10-year-old is motivated and mature enough to take good care of her contacts, she may be a good candidate.

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