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Ways to Keep Your Children’s Eyes Healthy and Safe

Pedro Gomez OD

Pediatric Eye Clinic shares some tips to help you maintain your children’s visual health. Because their eyes are still developing, kids need special care when it comes to keeping their eyesight healthy. Our optometrist talks about four ways you can help your kids.

Make Sure They Protect Their Eyes

Most children are playful and active, which can put their eyes at risk. Consider getting your children protective eyewear to protect their vision while they’re playing sports and other activities. These products are typically made from polycarbonate material that can withstand impact and pressure, keeping your kids’ eyes safe.

Learn More About Normal Vision Development for Children

Understanding the expected vision developmental milestones for your children will help you know if there is a problem. For example, infants should be able to respond to visual stimulation by the time they are three to four months old. Their depth perception, ocular muscles and contrast appreciation should be developed by the time they are eight months old.

Schedule Regular Eye Exams or Vision Screenings

Scheduling a comprehensive eye exam regularly will help maintain your children’s eye health because you will receive an early warning if there is something wrong. There are some eye conditions that develop during childhood. By taking your children to undergo a regular vision exam or computer vision exam, you can help keep their eyes in top condition.

Be Aware of the Signs of Vision Problems

Your children may not be aware that there is something wrong with their vision. Stay aware of your children’s habits and schedule an appointment with a doctor if you suspect that something is wrong. For example, children who read books too close to their face, or sit too close to the TV, may have problems viewing things from far away.

Source: eonvisioncare

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Pedro Gomez OD.

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