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Am I a good candidate for Ortho-K?

Myopia Alternatives

OrthoK is approved by the FDA for ALL ages. It is considered as an option at the age of 6 years and older. Both kids and adults can benefit from OrthoK.

Ideal candidates:

  • Myopia from -1.00 to -6.00
  • Astigmatism less than -2.00
  • Glasses prescription getting stronger each year
  • Active lifestyle
  • Dry eyes or allergies
  • Parents have high prescriptions
  • Alternative to LASIK

OrthoK can correct from +10.00 to -10.00, however each person must be evaluated at free consultation to determine if OrthoK would be a good option. There are some prescriptions that OrthoK cannot correct. Individual results may vary.

Source: orthokplus

2728 Myopia Alternatives

Myopia Alternatives.

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