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Myopia Control With Ortho-K

Slow the Progression is Possible

One would-be advantage that is currently being researched is the possibility of myopia control through orthokeratology. One theory for why myopia progresses stipulates that the hyperopic defocus on the peripheral retina with standard forms of vision correction leads to further progression of myopia.


With orthokeratology, only the central 4mm to 5mm of the visual axis is optimally corrected, while the peripheral retina is left in varying degrees of myopic defocus, as evidenced by looking at the topography of the cornea before and after treatment. This myopic defocus leads to less development of myopia to a statistically significant degree.

Studies and published results indicate that slowing the progression of myopia is real with orthokeratology. In 2005, Pauline Cho and colleagues published the first set of results that compared axial eye elongation in a group of children using orthokeratology lenses with a control group.1 Their research showed 46% less axial elongation in patients with ortho-k lenses vs. those in the contol group.

Source: reviewofcontactlenses


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