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How can Parents Tell if Their Child has a Vision Disorder?

Signs that Parents Should Look for

Here are some signs that parents should look for:

  • Crawling incorrectly.
  • Bumping into furniture or walls.
  • Losing balance when standing up from a sitting position.
  • Holding objects close to their nose to see.
  • Rubbing eyes a lot.
  • Squinting frequently.
  • Using only one eye and covering the other.
  • Not focusing the eyes together; e.g., one eye is looking left and the other is looking right, or one eye is looking up and the other is looking down.

These are some of the most apparent signs. They are indicators that mommy and daddy may pick out even before the child is in school that would dictate having a comprehensive eye exam at a very young age. A lot of times parents will go to the pediatrician first, and the pediatrician will recommend an eye care professional for a full comprehensive eye exam.

Source: davisvision


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