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Non Invasive Treatment for Myopia in Children

Ortho K for Kids in Texas

Many kids and parents would love to do away with glasses and contacts. They can get in the way of daily activities such as sports and play. Glasses are easily and frequently broken by children and are a constant expense due to the ever changing prescription as children grow. This makes children one of the largest potential groups for orthokeratology (ortho-k, crt, corneal molding, vision reshaping treatment etc).


Ortho-k for children has at least two big advantages.

  • They are free from glasses and contacts during the day. No glasses to lose, break or get in the way of sports.
  • It can slow the progression of myopia or nearsightedness. That way, when your child becomes an adult they have semi-functional vision without glasses instead of being legally blind without correction.
  • Further, when and if Lasik is chosen later on there is much less treatment required because ortho-k has slowed the progression of myopia. This improves the outcome of Lasik and reduces the chance of complications.

Financially, ortho-k makes sense. If your child is getting glasses every year (or more for that matter), this about equals the cost of 3 pairs of glasses. A single pair of ortho-k lenses will last up to three years and subsequent lenses are far less costly than the original pair. Overall, ortho-k can be less expensive option than glasses or contacts with the added benefits that comes with prescription control and daily freedom from correction.

In summary the advantages of Ortho K includes the following:

  1. Stabilizes prescription preventing or slowing the further decline in vision.
  2. Frees child from hassle or complications from glasses during sports and play.
  3. Investment in ortho-K can save money in the long run.
  4. Can provide better outcomes with Lasik by reducing the amount of myopia in adulthood.

Source: clrvue


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