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Are Ortho K Lenses Safe for Children?

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Ortho K lenses offer an opportunity to correct vision without the use of glasses or contacts. The technology has been around for over 50 years, and is widely considered to be safe for adults. Our eye doctors in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara specialize in Ortho K lenses. But can it work for children? Learn more about whether Ortho K is safe for kids to use.

How Ortho K Works

Ortho K lenses, Silicon Valley eye care physicians, SunnyvaleOrtho K lenses offer vision correction overnight. By wearing the lenses while you sleep, you slowly but surely correct corneal vision problems. As a result, you will be able to get through the day without wearing glasses or contacts. Better still, you will be able to see clearly so you can drive safely, work properly, and learn in school.

Given the many benefits of Ortho K, it is only natural that parents would be wondering whether Ortho K would be the right solution for their children.

Since kids who wear big glasses may be teased by peers, children may also be wondering if there is a way they can see better without needing to wear glasses. So, is there? Parents may additionally wonder whether Ortho K is cheaper than glasses, especially if their child breaks or damages eyewear frequently.

Is Ortho K Safe for Kids?

Ortho K can be safe for children, but there are risks associated with using this treatment for young eyes. The chief risk is one of eye infection. By teaching children how to safely remove contacts and store them, parents can minimize the risk of eye infections.

We can help you teach your children how to care for their Ortho K lenses, or work with you to gauge whether your child has the maturity needed to use the lenses safely. Some children may need to wait a couple years before they can really grasp what they need do to, and safely wear Ortho K lenses.

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Myopia Alternatives.

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