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Ortho-K Benefits for Kids

Non Surgical Corneal Molding Specialized in Houston

Ortho-K, a non-surgical alternative to LASIK, is a new way to correct vision problems in children without having them wear glasses or contacts during the day. Ortho-K is short for orthokeratology, which uses corneal molds to reshape the eye.

  • Corrects nearsightedness
  • Corrects vision while children sleep
  • Helps correct astigmatism
  • No glasses or contacts during the day
  • Has been shown to slow the progression of nearsightedness

Ortho-K from our eye doctor has shown remarkable results in correcting nearsightedness in children. The retainers help prevent continued growth of the elongation of the eye, which determines the extent of your child’s nearsightedness. In effect, this means that Ortho-K can prevent your child’s nearsightedness from getting worse.

Ortho-K is not surgical or permanent. It does not harm the tissue of your child’s eye. When the retainers are removed, the eye slowly reverts back to its original shape within 24 to 48 hours.

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Source: The Eye Center

Non Surgical Corneal Molding Specialized in Houston.

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