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Types of Myopia

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Some of the most common types of myopia include the following. 

Simple Myopia: It is one of the most common types of myopia that is found. In this condition, the eye has become elongated.

Nocturnal Myopia: Nocturnal or night myopia is a condition in which a person’s eyes experience difficulty in seeing in low light conditions. However, their daytime vision can be normal. It commonly occurs because of pupil dilation and aberrations, thereby resulting in the myopic condition.

Pseudomyopia: This is another type of myopia associated with excessive close focusing on work. This is mostly seen in young people. A growing problem is happening with handheld video games, since children are spending more and more time focusing on those games that are very close, resulting in an increase in myopia.

Degenerative myopia: As the name suggests, degenerative myopia becomes worse over time and is regarded as one of the predominant causes of blindness. It is also known as pathological myopia and can result in retinal detachment and glaucoma.

Induced myopia: Induced myopia occurs due to exposure to medications, high levels of glucose in the body, or nuclear sclerosis. Usually, induced myopia can be reversed. However, if the exposure is continuous and happens for a long time, it can result in the condition becoming permanent.

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